Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nice Kicks Opening Party

We are all admitted sneaker fiends.
(Except Slyce, who sports only Spicoli's)
Bun B & DJ Clark Kent are both scheduled to appear (/perform?)

Go-Go Makes Your Bed Rock

For a little while down here, ATX was blessed with a triptych of insane uptempo jocks
known as Swerve who rocked Barcelona Saturday nights.
Comprised of the Infamous Bird Peterson, Simon Prepmode & Go-Go Garcia,
this Crew was pure ridiculousness in & out of the DJ booth
(e.g. Firehouse Lounge's ex-window...)

Go-Go's back in H-Town nowadays, but is still killin it on the remix tip...

Young Money- Bed Rock (Go-Go Garcia Remix)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

TMC Radio Volume 1 Mixtape FREE DOWNLOAD

So the TMC team has been working on our new mixtape for a hot minute now and I must say, My boys KILLED it from start to finish, I couldn't be more proud.

As Doctor Digglesworth would say..... Peep it aqui for Free

Shouts to 3rd ID Clothing for the slick design. Hard copies available soon at Complete Clothing

Friday, February 19, 2010

Remember the Future

Thursday night, Tats & I are goin off on all things abstract
@ Club DeVille alongside Butcher Bear with support from MadGods Clothing.

Peep my mix aqui for free.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Return of the DJ InVerse

Seriously, how can u not love this face?

InVerse has been a friend of the Crew from day one.
The Saturday night Union Park resident's energy and track selection
include original production and remixes as well as his signature
dancehall, R&B, hip-hop & UK funky uptempo joints.

We were able to line up main man for a guest spot at Plush a few weeks ago...
...homeboy's set was so sick, we had to blog it.

Cheers ::

Free mix download link here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Low Down at The High Ball 2/19/10

The 'Lowdown at Highball' events continue via TMC and Keep It Local. This week we move to Friday night and Invite GigaCrate creator Nick Nack to the 2x4 along side DJ Dus out of Corpus Christi.

Same dealio... Food, drinks, dancing, karaoke, bowling, Nintendo Wii and good people. NO COVER and 18+ welcome.

Wizard of Gaz vs. TMC 2/20/10

Giant Steps, 512 to 612 Productions, and Keep It Local are bringing you Wizard of Gaz vs
. TMC this Saturday night at Plush. Come out to hear Wiz's Breakbeat / Breakcore / Club mixed with some Table Manners' fiya.

After that, swing by
the official Plush after party at The Music Gym on the corner of 6th Street and I-35
from 2am to 4am. $5 cover with a Plush stamp / $7 cover without.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Low Down 2/11/10

Come out to The Highball this Thursday for the Low Down featuring TMC vs. Peligrosa All Stars. Bowling, drinks, food, Wii, and a killer 2x4... What more could you ask for?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

MadGods Clothing

Recent Digg & MadGods Convo:
Digg: Have you heard Tats' sets since he's been back?
MG: I think so, maybe; why?
Digg: Ish is crazy...
...I really like watching a crowd that's been listening to dance music all night
suddenly turn their heads & try to wrap their heads round Flying Lotus, I think.
Is that wrong?
MG: What?
Digg: To risk possibly clearing the dancefloor for the sake of artistic integrity at peak hour?
(short pause)
MG: Sometimes, you gotta say f*ck the crowd, bro.
The new site's up & the gear is as grounded as it is on point.

Wale ATX Show DJ's

We will be the disc jockeys jockin' Wale.
ATX next Friday night @ Republic Live ::
Massive ups to KIL, ScoreMore & Pop Gun on Promotions.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Monthly!

This should be little interesting. Only got 1 hour of practice with players. Let's see what happens on stage!

Enter Marcus Swagger & Couch Potato Ent

Spending 4-5 nights a week downtown for 10 years introduces you to some interesting personalities (to put it diplomatically)...enter Marcus Swagger.

Amongst the most lovable of madmen, Marc will grill u the steak of your life & pour you a Scotch with a smile as he undoes your girlfriend's bra in front of you & you kind of have to laugh it off.

He & main man Andy wet their feet in the Promo game last fall pulling off successful events including the Moustache Bash fundraiser at The Independent...

The boys hit me up for some dj support tomorrow @ Booty Bar late night; looking forward to working with some new talent & bouncing some hipsters.

Free rum Tuesday night courtesy of Swagger & Couch Potato.