Thursday, February 4, 2010

MadGods Clothing

Recent Digg & MadGods Convo:
Digg: Have you heard Tats' sets since he's been back?
MG: I think so, maybe; why?
Digg: Ish is crazy...
...I really like watching a crowd that's been listening to dance music all night
suddenly turn their heads & try to wrap their heads round Flying Lotus, I think.
Is that wrong?
MG: What?
Digg: To risk possibly clearing the dancefloor for the sake of artistic integrity at peak hour?
(short pause)
MG: Sometimes, you gotta say f*ck the crowd, bro.
The new site's up & the gear is as grounded as it is on point.

1 comment:

HOBO D said...

man..just wait till the hobo n tats mix is finished

brains will get busted without doubt